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Go Green and Save with a Solar Company in Temecula, CA

Going green and being energy efficient has become more important than ever. Solar energy offers an abundant, renewable, and clean source of energy that is great for the environment. If you are thinking about installing solar in your home in Temecula, CA, look no further than the team at Blalock Electric & Solar. As your trusted residential solar company, we design and install solar panels onto homes of any style and size. Our team will create a customized solution that will not only keep your home powered, but reduce your energy bills at the same time.

Why Working with a Solar Panel Company is a Smart Choice

As a family owned and operated solar contractor in Temecula, CA, Blalock Electric & Solar has extensive experience in creating innovative solutions for all of our customers. We offer a wide range of solar panel systems, including roof, ground and off-grid solutions. With our options, you can save money while reducing your carbon footprint and creating a more sustainable future, and we can also help you with a solar battery backup for those times when the weather causes severe black outs.

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If you are considering the benefits of solar for your home in Temecula, CA, Blalock Electric & Solar is your residential solar company of choice. To find out more, or for a quote, call us today at (951) 440-0583.

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